Written by Dan Heinz on Nov. 3rd 2018
If you are a Real Estate Professional, you're most likely in the game to make money, because let's face it, how passionate can anyone be really about disclosures and contingencies. So if you are going to make money, be the best at it and hire a digital marketing professional.

Here's 7 reasons why every real estate agent should hire a digital marketing professional...
Written by Dan Heinz on Nov. 10th 2018
If you're a real estate professional you've probably heard a lot of hype over Facebook ads or Google ads, and you're probably wondering what it's all about. Here's a few things you may not have known about digital marketing, things that can really give you a significant advantage over your competitors. 

1. You can target people who have made recent searches for real estate matters through the use of cookies and a user's search history. Ever wonder why you see ads for a product or service after searching for it on a search engine? Sorry, it probably wasn't a sign from heaven...
Successful Real Estate Professionals Expand Beyond the "Buy-and-Home" Market
Written by Dan Heinz on Nov. 18th 2018
If your clients are of the "buy-and-home" market (as I like to call it) you generally won't see repeat clients for about 5-10 years. However, if your clients are investors of the buy-and-sell market, you can most likely expect a repeat client in just a few months. Here's a few things to look out for if you want to expand into the market of investors:

1. Investors love deprived homes in desirable neighborhoods because these homes will appraise for a high value, simply because their comps are of high value.

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